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~ Guided Winter Steelhead Trips ~


Between the months of November and May, Winter Run Steelhead are present in a majority of our local river systems and are often the most sought after sportfish to target for anglers in the Winter and Spring Months. Steelhead are considered by most to be the ultimate catch, and the most beautiful eye-capturing of the Salmonid species. A good percentage of these fish will return to the river incredibly shiny, with a silvery-blue sheen, and sometimes even sporting sea-lice which indicates a fresh from the ocean specimen.


Steelhead are known as “the fish of a thousand casts” but they do not have to be! British Columbia hosts some of the World’s best steelhead, genetically proven to be some of the strongest and most acrobatic fish. Steelhead fishing can be all about timing, but our local fishery is best between late December and the end of April. Throughout the Winter and early Spring, various runs will move into our systems, and let us be the ones that put you on one of BC’s most elusive and prized gamefish.

Beginning in January, we offer guided Winter Steelhead Walk and Wade trips. Our most typical method of targeting these fish is on our guided trips is Float Fishing with conventional gear rods and reels (Levelwind/Casting & Centrepin.) These fish can be caught with a variety of other methods such as lure fishing and fly fishing. During your guided trip, we will not only try to have you catch fish, but you will also learn the following:

  • Adjusting your depths
  • Varying your casts to correctly cover a section of water
  • Varying your baits, presentations, or flies
  • Reading Steelhead holding water
  • Matching your baits, presentations, or flies to the water conditions




6 Hour

1 Person: $350 + GST

2 People: $400 + GST

8 Hour

1 Person: $400 + GST

2 People: $450 + GST






Peak Season: January 1st to March 31st

~ To book, please phone us at (604)-931-5044 or E-mail [email protected] or [email protected] ~