The Pink Ping Pong – A Pink Salmon’s Favourite Edible Toy!

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Pink Salmon Ping Pong

Hello friends I just finished tying myself up a box of Pink Salmon flies for the upcoming season. One of my all time favourites for local beach fishing has always been the Pink Ping Pong. This fly gained it’s name for the fact that Pink Salmon love to smash it around in shallow saltwater.

Fish this fly with a Rio Aqualux clear intermediate sinking line and a 6′  8lb. Rio Salmon Steelhead Tapered leader.

Recipe & Tying Instructions

Hook: TMC 811s #4-8
Thread: UTC 70 fluorescent pink
Tail: Strung saddle hackle fibres fluorescent pink
Under Body: Wapsi flat holographic gold tinsel
Body: Frost Bite #72
Wing #1: Polar Bear hair, shinny white and sparse
Wing #2: FL. Cerise Krystal Flash, 2 strands
Wing #3: Lady Amherst Tail fibres hot pink, 2 fibres
Collar: Strung saddle hackle fluorescent pink, tied in butt first right side stripped for sparser profile, 3 turns.
Glue: Loon UV clear fly finish

All of the materials are available at the shop.

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