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 Guided Trips & Adventures


E-Mail ~ [email protected] or Phone ~ (604)-931-5044 to book a Steelhead Trip

2016/2017 Winter Steelhead Season

Walk and wade float fishing or fly fishing trips are available for Steelhead. Steelhead are known as “the fish of a thousand casts” but they do not have to be! British Columbia hosts some of the World’s best steelhead, genetically proven to be some of the strongest and most acrobatic fish. Steelhead fishing can be all about timing, but our local fishery is best between late December and the end of April. Throughout the Winter and early Spring, various runs will move into our
systems, and let us be the ones that put you on one of BC’s most elusive and prized gamefish.


Where do we fish? Well we go to where the fish are. Steelhead fishing can be a tricky game at times and we strive to do our best at getting you into fish. While we strive to get you into your fish of a lifetime, there is a lot more than just catching fish that you can gain on a Walk and Wade Steelhead trip with us. Throughout the day, you will be instructed and taught the correct measures as to why you are (for example) fishing the spot a certain depth, or why you are using the current bait or presentation at the time. Our Steelhead guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the Steelhead field. If they are not working in the store talking about Steelhead, you can sure bet they are out Steelhead fishing themselves.

Our Steelhead trips will be based on an 8 hour day, giving you the ultimate opportunity at catching fish. If you would like a shorter day, we can work around your schedule. Our most fished river is the Vedder/Chilliwack River system which produces strong returns of both Hatchery and Wild fish. This is generally a catch and release fishery, but if you catch a Hatchery fish, you are allowed to retain 1 per day, and you must stop fishing for the day. 


*Scheduling your trip will be based on fishing conditions and how fishing has currently been. If conditions do not permit for “fishable” trips, we will re-schedule your trip.*

Walk & Wade:

1 Person: $399.98

2 People: $449.98

*Maximum 2 people per trip*

GST will be added to the price of the trips..

Float Fishing

This is the most common way we target Winter Steelhead in our local area, and is generally one of the most effective ways to catch these fish. When using the float fishing technique, we typically use levelwind/casting reels, or centrepin reels.

Fly Fishing*

We cover all aspects of fly fishing, whether it be using single hand or double hand techniques. Our fly fishing trips are classified as specialized trips, so please phone or e-mail for more details.

Call us at 604-931-5044 or email our guide mail [email protected]

 [email protected] / 604-931-5044

(For more information or to book a Steelhead Trip, Please Phone or E-mail us – (604)-931-5044   /   [email protected])

Our Guides

These two guys have spent any free time they’ve had their entire life traveling up and down the Coast perfecting the art of successful Steelhead fishing. Hours upon hours of beating on their craft have allowed Andrew and Cody to become well rounded Steelhead fisherman for both Winter and Summer fish, as well as chasing them with conventional gear and fly setups.

Cody Sojka


Andrew Redmont



 [email protected] / 604-931-5044

(For more information or to book a Steelhead Trip, Please Phone or E-mail us – (604)-931-5044   /   [email protected])

Walk and Wade Steelhead guided trips and courses. (Click photo to view photos)

Fall Salmon (Coho, Chinook, Chum)

September to November

Come September we offer guided Walk-n-Wade Salmon trips. Through the months of September to November, Fall run Pacific Salmon make their way up a good majority of our local river systems. The Fraser River is the main highway for Fraser Valley tributaries. These fish can be caught on both conventional gear set-ups, and fly fishing set-ups.

Chinook Salmon: The biggest and baddest of the Pacific Salmon Species, we love to target these fish with a Gear rod and float set-up.

Coho Salmon: The most acrobatic and spunky of the Pacific Salmon Species, these fish are known to have a bad attitude some days not wanting to bite anything, yet are also known to bite anything under the Sun. That’s just what makes these things fun to chase with a gear rod float fishing, casting spinners and spoons, or fly fishing.

Chum Salmon: Chum Salmon are an underrated fish that put up a spectacular fight. They pull hard and will give you lots of action either on a gear or fly rod.

Pink Salmon: (2015 IS A PINK YEAR):

Our Salmon trips will be based on a 6 hour day base price seen below (which can be upgraded to an 8 hour trip). If you would like a shorter day, we can work around your schedule. Our most fished river is the Vedder/Chilliwack River system which produces strong returns of both Hatchery and Wild fish. Unlike our Steelhead fishery, there are a lot more opportunities for retention of fish.

*Scheduling your trip will be based on fishing conditions and how fishing has currently been. If conditions do not permit for fishable trips, we will re-schedule your trip.*

Walk & Wade Prices:

1 Person: $349.98

2 People: $399.98

*$50 extra per person (up to 3 people)*

 [email protected] / 604-931-5044

 Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, & Sturgeon

Sea-Run offers fishing guides for British Columbia including Saltwater Salmon, River Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and Sturgeon. Sea-Run’s licensed guides have years of experience in guiding and fishing in the waters you will be guided in, such as the Lower mainland, Fraser Valley and much more. We have an intimate knowledge of the timing of fish migrations and water and weather conditions. Our guides knowledge will help ensure your best chance of success on your guided adventure.If river angling is your choice, we have two ways to put you on the fish. Depending on what we will be targeting, Walk and wade trips are available, as well as jet boat trips. Sea-Run has three welded aluminum jet boats of 14’, 17, and 20’ available to ensure we have the right boat for river conditions. Our inboard and outboard Wooldridge and CustomWeld jet boats will get you safely to the best angling locations for salmon, steelhead, trout or sturgeon.

If you would rather connect with a salmon in saltwater, then join us for a day of fishing in our local inlets and Howe Sound. Experience the scenic coastal beauty as you fish with one of our experienced guides in the comfort of one of our boats equipped with the best in downriggers and electronics. Sea Fly & Tackle also works with many guides and lodges in BC and the world. Please feel free to contact us so we can arrange a custom trip for you.

Salmon & Trout Tours

Kelly DavisonKelly Davison

started Sea Run guiding in 1986. Kelly is one of the lower mainland’s original guide outfitters and has been putting his clients into the best Trout, Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon fishing for over the last 20 years. Kelly specializes in cutthroat trout and Coho salmon fly fishing in both salt and fresh water, but takes equal pride in all of his fishing experiences. Kelly is also the owner of Sea Run Fly & Tackle please contact us so we can arrange a fishing trip with Kelly for you.



Steelhead & Salmon Tours


drewsitepic2Andrew Redmont

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Andrew started fishing at the tender age of 6. Early trips fishing the Fraser River and other local streams was all it took to get him hooked for life. Andrew’s countless hours of fishing have taken him on adventures across BC and around the globe.
A versatile angler in all aspects of fishing, Andrew’s expertise extends from diverse fly tying, big water spey fishing, float fishing to fishing the warm water destinations for Bonefish and Tarpon.

codysitepic2 Cody Sojka

Cody Sojka has been with the Sea-Run team since 2010. He spends the good majority of his fishing days chasing Steelhead and Salmon on the fly and gear rod all across British Columbia’s coast. His fishing adventures have led him to catching some of the World’s most prized Salmon in the Haida Gwaii, to catching trophy Steelhead in some of the coast’s most remote and pristine systems.

Fraser River Guided Sturgeon Tours

Walter KoriathWalter Koriath has been guiding clients into British Columbia’s best fishing for over 20 years. Walter specializes in sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River. Walters guiding company “Krazy Kanuck Guiding” will put you into some of the biggest fish of your life. Walter guiding season starts around July and goes right till November. When he’s not fishing Walter spends the off season at Sea Run Fly & tackle were he runs our custom rod building shop. If you would like us to arrange a guided trip with Walter please contact us at the shop.

Stamp River and West Coast Vancouver Island Tours (Currently In-Season)

Kenny Myers
Kenny Myers was born and raised on Vancouver Island. He has spent all of his life fishing in the area. He is the founder and owner/operator of Fishmyster – West Coast Fishing Adventures. Now in its 18th year of operation his year round charter business is a huge success. Considered one of the best guides in the area, his extensive knowledge of Sport Fishing in this area is second to none. For Kenny fishing is more than a way to make a living it is a way of life. On his days off Kenny can be found on the fishing grounds scouting for Salmon and Halibut. To Kenny this is not a job – its just plain FUN!

Photos (click photo to view photos)

Call us at 604-931-5044 or e-mail [email protected] to book the guided adventure of a lifetime.