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Fall Salmon Fishing

Fall is salmon fishing season and here are a few “how-to” blog posts to get you going… Fly Fishing for Coho in Freshwater 101 We will look first at pursuing

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Andrew’s Glowing Pink Orb

Fly Recipe Hook: Umpqua U-Series #U401 #6 Thread: UTC 140 Fl. Pink Tail 1: UV2 Pink Marabou Eyes: Senyodellic Pink Bead Chain medium Tail 2: Mirage Holographic Opal, Glow in

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Spring Cutthroat Fly Fishing 101

“The Salmon Fry Hatch” One of the more underrated fisheries in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, the Spring salmon fry hatch fishery for Coastal Cutthroat can be absolutely spectacular

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